Empath Yoga With Intention

Online yoga and guided meditation packages created with specific outcomes in mind.

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Yoga & Guided Meditation

Offering yoga with guided meditation for specific outcomes, such as:

Deep Sleep

Stress and Anxiety-Relief

Overcoming Depression

Chakra Balancing

Self-Confidence Boost

Prosperity & Abundance

and so much more

"You are an amazing yoga teacher, and an amazing teacher about life. Three friends have told me that my getting them to try your yoga class changed their lives."

Jan Eberl

"Erica is my favorite yoga teacher. Her voice is so soothing, her classes are really heart-centered, she does a great job of offering modifications to make the class work for all levels, and her guided meditations are THE BEST. Nobody else compares. "

Lisa Bohlman

"I've tried other yoga classes but they just aren't the same.
Nobody does it quite like Erica does."

Cindy Fonner
Wife, Mother, Healer

"Since I came to the US in 2012, you were and are the only teacher that I-have found that is authentic and offers true yoga, Ihave met other lovely teachers to be sure, but your style and method and voice resonate with me the most."

Diana Joseph

"I love your practices! You are so good about coaching people through each move, letting them know what they should and shouldn't be feeling, and you encourage modifications. Thank you for a great practice this morning!"

Tami Kneidinger
Wife, Mother, Friend

"I have always loved your style and your classes. It has really been life-changing for me. I wasn’t making any time for myself! I’ve been meaning to also do some meditation as I struggle a bit with anxiety, more so in the past than now, but I still feel it once in a while creeping back up. The meditations have been amazing for me!"

Laura Leo
Wife, Mother, Business Woman


  • Pick the yoga and guided meditation package that speaks to you most.
  • Practice whenever and wherever you want.
  • No more fighting traffic to get to a yoga class.
  • Enjoy a well-rounded experience that focuses on the whole person, not just the physical body.  
  • Be guided by a knowledgeable and experienced yoga teacher and hypnotherapist (and yoga teacher trainer), with over 20 years of experience.
  • Learn how to make modifications and work with props to make each practice suit your needs.
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety, boost your mood, improve your health, and elevate your overall quality of life.


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